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Yes, shift is a feature that I wish I had on mine. I also pasted a white label on top of the viewfinder so I can write down what kind of film I have in the camera or other notes, and some arrows in a circle reminding me which way to turn the darn barrel for changing filters so I don't loose a frame (counterclockwise, if you haven't read that part of the manual).
Learning to use this camera and the slow speed and exposure models has turned out be a bit more complicated than I expected. I spent most of last evening trying to figure out how to work the slow speed module, and most of this morning with the exposure module. Making negatives with the Noblex may turn out to be as much art as science, literally.

One thing that is really neat about the exposure module is that it actually controls exposure by slowing up or speeding up the travel of the drum to compensate for lighter or darker areas of the image. That could be a very useful feature if it works well.