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We had it better in the UK, I used Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Ferrania & Orwo colour films and Pavelle paper, and Ansco was available but I never tried it, Konica/Sakura once tried never again. Of all the Fuji E4 film was the best IMHO, although KII was good when the weather was good.

But the reality was that K25 and also C41 and E6 was such a huge sea-change in terms of quality, we have to hope that the market stabilises and we get left with a range of films that caters for our core colour film needs.


At the time I could get the above color products, I could get just about any B&W product from Agfa, and DuPont and even some from Ilford IIRC. In fact, DuPont Varigam paper was quite popular at that time. In addition, in about 1960, Agfa color products became available here. You see, with color it was the proprietary processes that were the problem. No one wanted to invest in Agfa or Fuji or Konica proprietary processes in the face of C-22.

So, I used a lot of unmasked Agfa that I bought here, and when I was in SEA used a lot of unmasked Konica and Oriental color film. Their processes were very similar to the Agfa process with minor changes.