Hi, I hope you can help me with this frustrating situation.

I'm having a problem achieving a similar contrast to lab produced prints. I have the negs developed & printed commercially and then enlarge and process those that I really want. Unfortunately my prints, particularly noticeable in snow scenes, do not have the same contrast range as those commercially produced....colours look fine though.

I was unable to get Kodak paper this time around and am using Fuji CA70 along with Kodak RA4 chemicals.
I have a home built processor.......3 deep perspex tanks that hold 5l litres of chemicals and sit in a temperature controlled water bath. I move the print from one tank to the next.

I process the prints at 33 deg for 1.5 minutes dev +10 sec drain time, 30 sec in stop and 2 min in the B/F. Wash for 5.
I've tried increasing agitation and increasing developer time but these have had no noticable impact on the contrast.
I'm not replenishing the chemistry, but using it at the rate of 5 litres per 100 (10x8's). I'm not real sure about the correct number of prints per 5 litres so this is a potential problem area, however even when the chemistry is fresh, the constrast is lower.
Any ideas on how to raise the contrast in my enlarged prints?

Thanks for your help