I am just giving 645 SLRs a thought as they seem to be still relatively hand holdable (with decently damped mirror) with a TTL prism. Shooting style - from landscapes, cityscapes, macros, portraits. Hand holding is important to me - otherwise I could just get 6x7 SLR and some MF RF (if money were no objection). Also mirror lock-up is a must.

It would be a camera for many things - often it would replace my 4x5 when time, space or speed constrains would not allow to use. Often with camera and 1 - 2 lenses in a shoulder bag ( lenses like 55 & 110-120 or 35-40 & 55).

Longest lens I would probably ever need would be some 300mm [200mm in 35mm terms] (I do not plan a wild life shots with it)

I DO keep looking at MF rangefinders too (Bronica 645 and Mamiya 7), but as those are completely different beasts, lets just look only at 645 SLRS here.

Now - there are several options on the market (Contax, Pentax, Mamiya, Bronica) and while they do share many features - I am wondering what are the differences that would pull your decision from one to other.

Apart from the price - I am quite attracted by the Contax. Is it better than the rest (optical quality, usability hand holdability, user interface ..) or not?

What about the weight? While I have manuals for most 645 SLRs - I can not mange to get reliable number of a ready-to-shoot camera with TTL prism and 80mm lens. I would love to hear your input here.

So - which camera would you choose from 645 SLRs as a "girl for everything" - or would you go with 6x6 or even 6x7?

Why did yo choose the 645 SLR camera you have right now? Would you make a different choice next time?