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Thanks for clarifying Scott, the OP was right.

It's not hard to see why Kodak have launched Ektar in all formats with the rapid demise of E6 processing in the last 2 years. Both Fuji & Kodak must have large stocks of E6 films which is why Fuji haven't yet announced specific E6 films being discontinued.

It would be interesting to see the BJP article predicting the demise of E6 within a year, (my copy is waiting my return to the UK).

I was expecting E6 to dwindle pretty sharply at some point but Fuji discontinuing 160S/C is a bit of a shock to say the least. I had assumed C41 volume was enough to pick up where E6 would leave off.

As for the BJP article, it doesn't predict the end of E6 in a year, it's what one lab said to them, but they have other labs saying that volume has dropped off but it's still profitable, just, and not an essential part of their business so whilst it's not loosing gobs of money they'll keep on doing it.