Looks like there are only favorite cameras among 645 SLRs

I am indeed looking into more modern cameras. While AF is no must for me - most of the recent models do seem to offer it.

Some more thoughts:

- While I keep browsing around - and argument for Contax being a dead-end (i.e. no further development) comes up here and then. Is this really the case?
- What is the situation with service? How long it will be grated - or - will the camera be repairable via 3rd party service?
- people rave about the design - what makes it feel "better" than other camera?

- Concerning the AF models (AF, AFD, AFDII and the new AFDIII) - what do I gain in comparison to older, non-AF models. the AFD models do bring the possibility of a Digital back and while this sounds cool, it is out of my budget and need right now.
- Are AF (or AF-D) new designs - should one expect more or are these merely AF versions of the MF lenses?
- Is it possible to use AF lenses on MF bodies?
- Do the older MF bodies offer MLU?

- I got across a statement that pentax 645NII is lighter than Mamiya or Contax counterparts - what is the weight actually?

In general
- I am putting together weights of lenses and bodies - do you have some good links? (apart from butkus.org - I know that one)