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- Concerning the AF models (AF, AFD, AFDII and the new AFDIII) - what do I gain in comparison to older, non-AF models. the AFD models do bring the possibility of a Digital back and while this sounds cool, it is out of my budget and need right now.
- Are AF (or AF-D) new designs - should one expect more or are these merely AF versions of the MF lenses?
- Is it possible to use AF lenses on MF bodies?
- Do the older MF bodies offer MLU?
After 25+ years of shooting 35mm, I got a M645 last month, so take some of my experiences with that in mind. But I did do some of the research you've done recently.

I can only answer your last two:
You can't use AF lenses on MF bodies (only the other way around)
The M645, 1000s, Super, Pro, and Pro TL have MLU. The J and, IIRC, the e don't.
The M645, 1000s, J, and I think the e don't have interchangeable backs, only inserts.

I don't know too much about the e - they have the same features as the classic ones, at a higher price - and they are missing some of the features of the pro and pro tl.