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- While I keep browsing around - and argument for Contax being a dead-end (i.e. no further development) comes up here and then. Is this really the case?
- What is the situation with service? How long it will be grated - or - will the camera be repairable via 3rd party service?
- people rave about the design - what makes it feel "better" than other camera?
Yes Contax doesn't exist any more, there will be official repair service until 2015 or at least that's what the crowd say on the net. Getting repair from 3rd party service will not be a problem unless there's something really messy that anyone can fix, a major problem with contax because it looks quite digital/electronic camera. If you have enough care it shouldn't break as it doesn't look delicate.
About the feeling, don't know maybe it's ergonomics, maybe materials used, but even it doesn't feel like a glove to my hand (a bit smaller without the grip) you can feel something that no pentax, no mamiya have. Try it for yourself before purchasing any system.
The strongest point with contax at least for me that i love normal lens (no wideangle, no tele) is that 80mm f2 zeiss glass.