Series E lenses don't have the coupling shoe either. One can be epoxied onto the ring, or holes can be drilled, then it can be screwed into the ring, like on the regular Nikkor lenses. If the original poster's F has the eyelevel finder, then the meter coupling shoe is a moot point.

With respect to Pentax having more third-party choices for lenses, that is possible, but probably not as big a difference as some people like to think, since most of the third-party lenses sold for Pentax were also in the Nikon AI/AIS mount. The only ones that weren't, were the ones sold by the companies that made their own cameras based on the K-mount. And, M42 lenses can be adapted to a Nikon body. Granted, you usually lose infinity focus except with the adapters that have optics in them, but they are useable.