I think where you're going is fine but I'd recommend some economy of both words and pictures. Maybe not even telling the whole story but just the key bits. I have the sense that there are too many photos, some of which add little, if anything, to the stream, and there is too much description of the event(s). I know you're Irish, but ..... :-)
What I envisaged is just a handful of the key photos (maybe only a 2-3 of the stronger images of Dan) accompanied by slimmed down text and presented in a self-published book like Blurb do for example, along with some of the other characters you come across.

There are photos in this series which would fit quite well into a series about "People on the Street" which, although not necessarily strong images in themselves nevertheless would sit well along side each other as a collection. Some of the shots of the people watching Dan or the "interloper" could stand this treatment and don't necessarily have to be linked to Dan's story.