Okay, so...here's the thing.

I print, too. I really want to get started again, but I don't have time to make the contact sheets. I plan to scan the negatives as a way to look at contact sheets and print them the old fashioned way. I also want to be able to quickly upload photos regardless of whether they've been printed or not because, with two kids, who the hell knows when I'm going to get around to getting into the darkroom to do it. I appreciate that this isn't something we want to deal with here, but if we didn't have scanners, we wouldn't see each others photos at all.

It isn't like I'm going to use the thing to scan and then print, on a printer, my images. I'll be scanning my negatives, shot on real film, and my prints, printed on real paper.

Also, this is a WANT TO BUY AD. If anyone actually has any objection to me asking to buy something, tell everyone else selling anything remotely related to digital to stop selling it.

Maybe I should just give up.