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Don't recall if I have mentioned it here or not, but the camera fits into a project I am hoping to get done - which was take a 100 +/- yo camera and locate some 100 +/- yo churches and produce a series of 5x7 contact prints (maybe silver - AZO and Palladium - Ziatypes?) with a print from the outside and inside of each. Have located a few buildings already and with any luck can get interviews with members or ex-members that will recall what the area used to be like.
Pity you're in Texas. I just was given a 5x7" enlarger. But if you come around this <i>olde continent</i> which is Europe, you'll have little trouble getting the 100yo churches (actually you might, that's a tad too recent actually), and I'll offer the enlarger if you let me try your camera?!
Congrats anyway.