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First, the auction you referenced is the same one I mentioned - $26 with 4 days left. You can't compare my price to an auction that's not yet completed. If there were others with ended auctions, they would show up with a search for "completed" auctions. Perhaps you saw a listing for a 90mm Omega enlarging lens.

If I had something demonstrably incorrect in my ad, like saying this lens has a 1/1000 speed, a public comment might be warranted. If you think that my price is unrealistic and you want to enlighten me, then send a PM. But a public comment is both arrogant and rude.

Further, while eBay has become the de facto reference point for pricing, far too many eBay sellers are less than forthright about the condition of the items they sell and inflate shipping fees. I described this lens fully and honestly, charge the actual shipping cost, and donate a % to APUG.

This is not to say that my price is right. I've been married over 30 years - I'm used to being told I'm wrong. But I haven't seen anything, and you haven't presented anything, that shows my price is unrealistic. Absent any facts to support your point of view, keep in mind the old saying "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.".
The reaction seems largely disproportionate to the comment. I meant no offense, however surprising you might find that to be.