I have two of the following:

Paterson Super System 4 Multi-Reel 3 tank. Includes 3 reels, center spindle, funnel cap, and rubber lid. Sadly, they are missing the little turny pegs for rotating the spindle to agitate, but you can fashion something or just use inversion agitation. Reels adjust to 35mm, 127, and 120/220 size. In used but very nice condition.

$25 each plus $10 UPS shipping in the US (same $10 will cover shipping for both if you buy both.) Exact shipping charges outside the US, but I'm guessing $15-$20. And if you want both I'd have to see if I can box them both up safely and keep it under 4 pounds, otherwise it has to go Priority Mail and the cost skyrockets. (Or I could just mail them in two boxes, that might be cheaper!)