Hi Michael and All,

I'm definitely up to something new. Very excited! I'm typically very conservative about research announcements. I like to have a tangible 'something' to show before I yack up a topic, but I'm making an exception this time. I've been working on making film and I'm ready to take it out for a real world spin. I've gone back in time before polyester base to avoid the problems involved with subbing that material (also its scratch'ablity and static problems.) Using Wall's 1929 recipe, I'm subbing cellulose diacetate. The product is readily available, inexpensive and not petroleum-based, and since it's di- and not tri-acetate it shouldn't be particularly susceptible to degradation. This should make image capture with handcrafted silver gelatin very easy for even the most timid (or as in my case, an aging back). Any camera and film holder or modern contact printing frame is suitable. And of course, that means that the negatives can be used with just about any printing process.

I'm taking the next month for just photography on my new stuff and I'll post all the details on The Light Farm when I have a bunch of pretty pictures (I'll be dubbing it 'Artisan Film'). I just wanted to give anyone interested a heads-up so that maybe a few more folks will consider joining the club.


p.s. If you haven't already, check out Michael Carter's blog. Great work coming along with great big cameras and old emulsions. http://newlightfarmer.blogspot.com/