I've paid for a M9 and have been waiting around like everyone else. I bought a 2nd hand 35 cron asph and borrowed a M8.2 to play with. Wow, this is the handling that I wanted in a digital. Simple mechanical like my FM3a.

Now the question is, I have a bunch of Nikon stuff, and if I ebayed the lot, I could buy the Hermes MP + 35 cron thats on ebay atm.

28mm AI-S PC-Nikkor (NIB, never got round to using it!)
35mm AI-S f/1.4
85mm AI-S f/1.4
Nikon F6
Nikon FM3a & the rare tiny SB-30
Nikon AI-P 45mm

Its hard to sell things you like, but I would have a film body to accompany my M9 and all one system.

Do you think it would be a dumb move?