trust me, i have no problem getting another horrible condition RZ from keh to try things on, but i have to envision it first and design it in my head and on paper, which is not happening. to begin with there were 2 bottlenecks of getting a good 6x8 negative on the RZ, the G-adapter for the RB back has an opening which was too small. second, the rear opening of the actually RZ body was too small a couple mm on each end, mabe 2 or 3 is my guess.

i solved the G-adapter problem with my wonderful dremelling abilities, lol. the rear opening is a MUCH larger problem to solve, ive through about just dremeling the very back of the camera opening and having it sort of flange to the outside and get bigger as the "flange" goes so that by the time it meets the adapter there is enough room fo the light to travel to all ends of the 6x8 opening. unfortunetely, that means cutting into the camera light box which is also where the mirror sits. my problem is that i have not taken apart the body to its skeleton and dont know what would happen if i start shaving material off. would the body no longer be light tight? more designing on my part is needed. ill post pictures of everything ive done thus far when i get the chance. i know there is a thread of a couple years ago with this very premise, but nothing ended up happening.