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It seems to me that the O.P. is more into status symbols than photography.
The Hermes MP on ebay is used, and about half the new cost, otherwise I wouldn't consider it. I does look pretty though!

The reason I went with a M9, is its the only camera system which is committed to remaining manual and compact. I've been waiting years for the FM3D and it aint ever coming!

Hermes MP and M9? Yes, please sell all that useful Nikon equipment so someone can put it to real actual use. Exactly what are you looking for in photography?
To answer other posters questions, the reason I'm consolidating is that I only want to keep things I use. After trying all different types of photography, I find that there wasn't much I can't do with my FM3a and 35mm lens.

Not really interested in sports, macro or landscapes anymore. I can always pull out my view camera if I want to do a serious landscape.

Theres a good chance I'll never take the 35 cron off the M9. However, I have heaps of Astia in the fridge, and some bulk rolls of HP5.. hence the MP idea.

I guess I could just keep the FM3a with the 85mm f/1.4 on.

PS. Borrowed a M8.2 today.. makes nice pix without having to spend anytime in photoshop (which I detest!)