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Hermes MP and M9? Yes, please sell all that useful Nikon equipment so someone can put it to real actual use. Exactly what are you looking for in photography?
Yet another smartarse comment from clayne.

Now snaggs, back to you........ I can't afford to buy an M9 at the moment unfortunately (that's no reference to the fact that you can, good luck to you I say!), so I just bought myself a Nikon D700. However, I don't look at it as a '2nd best' buy at all, no no, because I use the F4 (with small battery pack) for film and the D700 is for me the closest to it in handling & size etc etc, plus the fact that it has a full-size sensor. Kind of like how I imagine the transition from the using the M6 to the M9 would be. I also use an M6, with 28mm & 35mm lenses, plus I got an adapter to use my Nikon 20mm lens on it if need be.

So, I plan on using the D700 for color, and Leica for black & white film (I might convert a color file to B&W, but I'll never actually set out to shoot B&W in digital, NEVER!). Something like that anyway I think my digital Nikon - film Leica mix work out nicely. It's kind of making the most of what I got.

And, like you, this latest purchase means that I will have to do some consolidating of my gear. I think eventually I'll be offloading any film Nikon gear. I'll have to sell some stuff that I really don't want to sell. I don't want to sell anything. I don't want to sell my pristine F3HP, nor my 'short-wheel base' F4's. But I'm not using them, and I'm not about to start collecting, so I will sell some things. It will go a long way to help pay off the D700, and should get me a couple other useful things I've got my eye on (like a 21mm lens for the Leica so I don't have to use the 20mm Nikon on the M6).

I'll get rid of Nikon gear before Leica any day.

It's up to you which Leica film body you get yourself, that's your business, but if offloading your Nikon gear gets you the ultimate digital/film Leica kit of your dreams, then sell sell sell the Nikon stuff