you sound like you are from 4chan...ugh...
anyway...your 18-55 kit lens -should- work from 24mm-55mm and the 50mm will work on film or FX digital.

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Yes I will have to look at affordability. Anybody know what's a reasonable price? Honestly I'm not willing to pay more than 200-300... I'm from Australia so dunno if it's cheaper here or USA?
Affordability and photography do not go hand in hand. If you are looking for "something affordable", then stay with digital and get the 55-200 VR to go with your 18-55 lens and just start shooting.

reasonable prices can be found at adorama, B&H, KEH, and flebay.

There is NO easy answer to your question.

Digital photography and film photography are NOT similar. A film camera is a light-tight box that you put film in - there are no sensors, instant gratification, or (most of the time) easy modes. There are no megapixels to fawn over. You can't just change ISO on the fly and have the image automatically come out okay.

I'm gonna forgo a huge essay and just tell you:
You don't want an EOS 1, 1v/1v-HS, 1n, or 3; you will probably want an EOS 7, 7N, 7NE, or EOS 5/A2. They are pretty cheap and will give you the exact options you want.