Planning an August 2010 2-3 week trip and need a bit of help. I live about 9 hour drive from Quebec City, which we will do the first day. After that I am bamvboozled, even after some time web surfing. I am interested in fishing villages, countryside, and experienced a new areas not B4 visited. My questions are:

1. Where can I find availability of ferrys in the maritmes?
2. Can Isle de madeleine be visited via ferry?
3. If I go east using the north shore of the St Lawrence, are there boats across to Gaspé city?
4. Is Newfoundland accessible by car?
5. Which are the towns on the Gaspé that should be visited?

Any other practical info would also be useful. Thanks for your help. I know it is not a well visited location for APUGers, but thought there might be a few folks that might know it!