Let me say to be complete on the information that I initally got the idea to try the approach from a somewhat oblique statement in Dick Sullivan's pt/pd book about bleach and HCl. He mentions lightening prints that have been overexposed.

I called B+S and asked if anyone had really tried this approach, and they told me that it hadn't really been done to their knowledge, so I worked up a basic procedure for it using two bottles of solutions.

So I can't claim credit for the origin of the idea, but I did put a few things together to come up with a good technique to eliminate the pesky pt/pd spots that sometimes occur.

As for APIS, I also recommend that anyone interested try to go. Where else can you meet some of the best alternative printers in the world? There's so much to learn from a group like that, regardless of your skill level. It is an inspiring collection of people and prints, to be sure.