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All EOS 1s are EOS 1 Series cameras.

Not all EOS 1 Series cameras are EOS 1s.

The EOS 1 is a model of camera in the EOS 1 Series (the first in the series).

I haven't heard of the EOS 1S or EOS 1HS.

HS or RS?? I too can only think of the RS model (fixed power drive booster E1 with fixed mirror).

The 1N is in the 1 series though many people do wonder otherwise. Naming conventions are unchanged. The 1V is indeed enumerated the EOS 1V and is no different as an EOS name to any other body preceding it e.g. EOS 3 (or the ill-fated EOS 30 / 33 models). Working professionals using Canon from 1989 onwards would recognise the direct descendency from the EOS 1 to the EOS 1N (the refinements caused a stampede at the time), then EOS 1N RS etc. The vintage '1' is still in wide use; two cyclists I know shooting documentary use one body each fitted with 20mm f2.8 lenses.

I manhandled the EOS 1V on Saturday in a pro-dealer's 2H shelves (there were four available, my testing being with the TS-E 24L PC lens) as I was weight-testing the load on a GITZO GT0931 Basalt tripod for overnight bushwalking. This spiderly but surprisingly rigid tripod held with the 1V bulk (2.88kg) on it — a bit more in weight than my 1N, which I couldn't bring with me as I was on MTB with just a Camelbak. That test 1V was missing (through abrasion / contact) much of the legend around the top left side panel.