I have a largely full box of 100 8x10 MGIII glossy, maybe 75 or 80 sheets left, that is old but works fine.

I also have about 25 or 30 sheets of 8x10 MGIV glossy from a 40 pack that is maybe a year old and works perfectly.

Both were given to me, and I have been using them to make contacts.....but after using a few dozen sheets, the gloss surface is getting to me. I thought I could deal with it for the small quantity that I have, but it is getting annoying.

If anyone has any amount of pearl to trade, please contact me.

I would trade all of this paper straight across for one 40 pack (25+15 free) of RC pearl.

8-1/2 by 11 or 11x14 are even better for me, but 8x10 will do fine.