After looking on Fuji 800Z and Provia 400X on Flickr, perhaps I'm not seeing what you're saying, B&Wpositive.

I see a few photos where there is severe overexposure, blowing out any contrast and de-saturating colour. I see some where the colours look badly skewed. I also see some that are very underexposed and hard to make out anything. I also see a couple where there was deliberately digital de-saturation implemented. In short, I see a dog's breakfast of results.

In the end, there are three considerations to allow:
1) Many film photographers are in a constant learning process, some further along than others (while some just don't progress beyond a certain point);
2) Some photographers don't hew to a notion or an agreed one of "traditional" methods, as you expressed;
3) Style is highly varied between different photogs just like other artistic media and one's saturated, underexposed, contrasty shot is another's undersaturated, overexposed, flat shot.

Personally, after seeing some of Jose Villa's work his name is new to me I must say that I really do not appreciate his style, one I would call "milky and washed out". But again, this is entirely a subjective call. Clearly his style resonates with the wedding client crowd, and rightly so, his formula appears to pay off. When working with colour more specifically, when working with reversal colour give me someone who underexposes by 1/3rd or 2/3rd stop in order to saturate colour and give shadows a rich darkness. I really don't like seeing blacks that end up being greyish and highlights which look like white crinoline was draped over the lens.