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At the risk of sounding arrogant, both Eddy and myself are capable of offering photography that shows we're beyond the camera used. The entire point is that the combined cost of those cameras (MP+M9) could buy a lot of film for someone who wants to imprint something useful on it.
Had a look at some of the photo's on your site, lovely.

And of course you are right about not needing expensive camera's, one of my best photo's was taken with a demo plastic F65 I bought on clearance.

However, now that I have a choice;

I like to buy things which are made by people
I like old world construction
I'm against the destruction of first the english and now european and american manufacturing.

Wherever I have an option to buy a locally made shirt etc, I will boycott made in China.

Leica is the embodiment of historic manufacturing values, Nikon used to as well, before they put into retirement their AIS manufacturing team.

The reason I'm now buying Leica, is Nikon will never transition MF and old world build quality into digital. It won't be sitting in the box.