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I've paid for a M9 and have been waiting around like everyone else. I bought a 2nd hand 35 cron asph and borrowed a M8.2 to play with. Wow, this is the handling that I wanted in a digital. Simple mechanical like my FM3a.

Now the question is, I have a bunch of Nikon stuff, and if I ebayed the lot, I could buy the Hermes MP + 35 cron thats on ebay atm.

28mm AI-S PC-Nikkor (NIB, never got round to using it!)
35mm AI-S f/1.4
85mm AI-S f/1.4
Nikon F6
Nikon FM3a & the rare tiny SB-30
Nikon AI-P 45mm

Its hard to sell things you like, but I would have a film body to accompany my M9 and all one system.

Do you think it would be a dumb move?

If I were you, I would keep the FM3a and either the 35 or 45mm lens just in case. I'm pretty sure there will be moments when you think Leica is too much (for traveling, under bad weather, etc), so keep the Nikon as a nice durable backup kit if you can.

And when you think about the repair cost and time, the Nikon is much cheaper and quicker than the Leica as you probably already know...