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At the risk of sounding arrogant, both Eddy and myself are capable of offering photography that shows we're beyond the camera used. The entire point is that the combined cost of those cameras (MP+M9) could buy a lot of film for someone who wants to imprint something useful on it.
It is a pretty common assumption/assertion that the "true artist" doesn't care a fig for his tools, provided they will perform the job that he requires of them. But, if you can afford it, choosing or enjoying your tools for additional reasons beyond pure functionality (eg aesthetics, manufacturer values, etc) is not necessarily inconsistent with being or becoming master of your art.

It is nice that you consider yourself "beyond the camera used" but the implied criticism of the OP is a touch arrogant.

The Hermes MP is expensive, but it is a high quality camera and a beautiful object. Lots of people who would instinctively object to that expense in a camera (which will last a lifetime) would readily drop just as much cash on unnecessary optional extras every time they upgrade to a boring new car. (Or, due to regular attacks of GAS, actually have much more cash tied up in large collections of under-used cameras and lenses.)

Should the OP buy a Holga and send the difference in price to a struggling artist somewhere?