John, I have an ST701 myself, and I believe you'll be glad to know you're not the only one experiencing the problem you mentioned. My camera does the same thing when I try to get a meter reading. Very weird and erratic. Pity because the needle is so lively, but it gives dubious readings. No matter what I do, it stays up all the time, or it just goes up a little and stay somewhere in the middle. I've tried all sorts of batteries with it, thinking I was using the wrong type. I've tried using Maxell SR936SW (silver oxide, works fine with my SPotmatic, so I assumed it'll work with the cigar), hearing aid size 675 zinc air (also a no-go) and some others. Have yet to try the Wein Cells RM400. Maybe it'll work, or maybe not. Do keep us posted on any new findings you might uncover regarding this baffling issue.