It is/was also the trend of 2000. Look at the movies and tv series. (US police shows from 2000's are especially good examples). They desaturate colors at post and get a muddy brown-grey-blue look. I never liked it a second. It seems to be over now; at least I hope so. Most of these films are shot on film (and destructed in digital post) and I think it is/was a total wasting of film. Good thing though they are keeping Kodak alive.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! This has plagued movies/tv shows for the longest time. Many times, the digital intermediate work they're doing on films now totally ruin it for me.

One thing I never understood about Flickr is how they decide which pictures get featured. I've seen wonderfully composed pictures on Flickr with no attention, and then some absolutely dreadful (to my eyes) images with pages of comments. As one poster said, it's almost as if people are more attracted to the "pretty colors" of photoshopped images than they are images that are striking in more ways. I've also never liked the insane amount of xprocessing and lofi...seems like it is mostly people experimenting, but hey...if they're trying out film, I'm happy!