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When a seller has a high price and the item fails to sell, its the same as if the seller has purchased the item. I always like to deal with ready, willing, and able sellers and avoid the "I would rather keep it than give it away" wannabees. However, I understand, if you feel its worth a certain amount, then ask that. When it doesn't sell and rather than lower the price, you raise it, you look foolish.

But then again, its a free country.

Problem is, he didn't raise the price because it failed to sell... he raised the price because people wanted to buy it. I've tried three times now to buy it from him. Thursday when he "relisted" it, I was ready to send him money, but he wanted me to wait a few days so he could get a shipping quote.

Ah well, I guess if a deal sounds too good to be true, it must be.

That's how my luck's run lately. Last week I responded to a craigslist ad for a m645 proTL outfit for $400. I drove 30 miles to meet the guy, and on arrival he told me someone else had offered him $500 and I'd have to match that price if I wanted it. Some people just have no sense of business ethics.