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Which is exactly why I've said, and still maintain, that you cannot get a decent idea of how ANY film stacks up against another when looking at samples from Flickr or any other photo sharing site. Sure there are good examples there, but you don't run across too many of them.
Absolutlely wrong.

A note on flickr: It's not a gallery where all the greats are hung; it's the cafe down the street where evrything is game. Put it in perspective.

A great photogapher will get a great image out of anything - eggwhites, salt and toilet paper! If you want to see what the film can do, look at what the masses are actually doing with it.

I personally post images that I am working on or just some examples for a technique. Rarely finished works. Any image I show here as an example, is hosted there. If you want to judge them as art, your time not mine.....