Good input all - I will be experimenting with VC and compare. I already have done a whole lot with graded paper. The graded paper sees stain density but doesn't change local contrast based on color - only exposure based on the density of the stain. I ordered some Cachet RF graded FB - I saw it listed as having a much greater silver content - I have been using and am calibrated around Forte Fortezo graded FB. I am not unhappy with it but I am searching for a greater D-Max (who isn't?) and maybe I am now ready for the next step. I have some Forte Fortezo VCFB paper that I have used for negs I screwed up on an dneeded outside the range of 2 or 3. I thought I might try the Cachet VCFB paper that is similar to the RF. Not always easy to find these - most are special order. I can think of a recent shot I took at the Cosumnes Refuge near Sacramento. The sky has a lot of drama but to get he image I want, I have to do a lot of burning. I think this shot would respond well to a low contrast foreground and a high contrast sky - this is fun!