I knew you would like it.... It's a heck of a lot easier to modify a camera to do something it was never intended to do when you have the blueprints, and a detailed, step by step understanding of exactly how every little element of the design works. I often thought about taking an RZ67 beater body, modifying the lens mount with a home-brew shutter cocking lever, and grafting it onto the front standard of a 2x3 (or other small view camera), including the shutter speed dial and supporting electronics from the RZ body. It would be fun to have full view camera movements available for use with all of my sweet RZ electronic shutter controlled lenses. Many of them sport quite a large image circle, and would likely work fine so long as the host body is compact enough to allow infinity focus with good movement.

Maybe your project will inspire me to destroy a couple of cameras over the next year... .