I need to downsize, physically so I can travel. Six months ago I never thought I would get rid of my RB, but for the work I am doing (all 4x5) it is not getting used like it should and so it is just too big to take up daily space in my travel setup I'm planning (camping, cross country, van or truck).

What I would like most of all is a good, compact, 4x5 field camera since I lack one and always hauling my Cambo is just too much for me to do. Something like a Wista or a Tachihara or a Seagull or Horseman would be fantastic.

But if I can't find a field camera, I would trade my RB kit for a good quality medium format rangefinder (Mamiya 6 is kind of compact, Fuji folders are very very compact same thing goes for that Makina). Perhaps you have some alt techniques supplies, like contact printing presses, couple dozen 1 gallon jugs of gum arabic, platinum, paladium, 1000 sheets of cotton rag watercolor paper, stuff like that?

Feel free to present ideas. I'm not in an emergency, I can take a little time to find the right trade.

Or.. you can buy the kit cash.

So what I have is:

RB67 Pro body
2 120 backs
Waist finder
Chimney finder
Prism finder
3 or 4 screens, grid, split prism, plain
50 mm lens (highly sought after)
90 mm lens
140 mm macro lens
3 lens shades
Grip with flash bracket
Polaroid back
a couple Cokin filters and the necessary rings and adapters
3 b&w filters (green, orange, red)