As a follow-up to my post regarding film loading with the FE2, I note that a nearly new FE2 has arrived from KEH. This EX+ camera looks fabuolous, especially after I my usual routine with it (cleaning, leatherette treatment, etc.). I also got an F3HP and 300/4.5 AI. The FE2 does, indeed, permit the loading of film with the MD-12 attached. I thank all of those who contributed to my previous thread.

After going over everything last night, I am ready to shoot. I am anxious to use the 300/4.5 AI. I gather it is a good performer. Any opinions or advice out there?

I am really glad to have an F3 again. I was foolish to let my first one go. The FE2 also seems like a very fine camera. I enjoyed taking some snapshots with it yesterday. I very much enjoyed having my FE--only the film loading issue caused me to part with it.