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What do you not have in 4x5 that you need, aside from the field camera? I have a Shen Hao (and even the bag bellows for it, but I'd need to scrounge that up - it's in the house somewhere, just on walkabout. Probably in the backpack I used to use with it).
Oh a Shen Hao! Now that's roughly the same thing as a Tachihara, right? Well, something I have for my Cambo which I would like to have for any large format camera in the future would be the hood. I have this lever actuated hood that fixes to the back of the Cambo Graflex back. Since using that I have almost no reason to use my loupe and darkcloth (for landscapes). I guess as I am typing I am realizing you probably don't have that.

Other things I'd be open to would be film holders, lens boards, lenses too of course! Would love to get a long lens for 4x5.

Hopefully tonight I'll have taken some pictures of my system so you can see what all it is that I have and the condition too.