Of course, it's a lot easier to create an elaborate darkroom in my head than in the garage in question, but I'd like to populate my darkroom like I think a house should be populated with furnishings: slowly over a long period of time, adding each piece with great care and forethought. I'll get up the minimal darkroom first, then just consider the darkroom in a permanent state of growth after that.

Bringing this concept down to the sink, I'm attracted to the idea of building the sink out of wood that has *some* interesting grain structure to it, staining it (no pyro jokes, please. ( with a nice cherry or walnut stain, and topping it off with five or six coats of polyurethane, so it's got a hard, glossy surface but a nice, deep grain structure and is pleasing to the eye. Then, I could echo the appearance of the sink in a display rail that goes around the entire room similar to the ones used at Lenswork.

See http://www.lenswork.com/lwb.htm and search for "Display Rails".