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Okay, I'm stumped:

Dwayne's announced almost a year ago that all mailers after the end of last year would not be honoured. That's not what this concerns.

I no longer have mailers. I do, however, have unprocessed rolls of KR64 housed in a red metal film enclosure (as opposed to common black). These rolls were the ones labelled "36P" (P for "processing") and "Film Price INCLUDES Processing by Kodak" [emphasis theirs]. Searches on here and on Dan's forum are not turning up anything. Or maybe I have an acute case of the dense(s) today.

Does anyone know the status of these? Are these still honoured? Has anyone sent one of these to Dwayne's since the new year?
From what I have been told, Kodachrome from foreign countries mailers will still be honored.
I have some Swiss Kodachrome and I have to send it to Switzerland and they will send it to Dwayne's; so outside of the postage to Switzerland, it is paid for.
I have heard the same applies to anything outside of the U.S.