I'm questioning if I bought the wrong chemicals now.
This is my first time try at RA-4 printing. I bought Kodak Ektacolor developer kit to make 1 US Gallon (CAT 147 8817). I believe this is ok, but the bleach fix I bought is Kodak Beach-Fix and replenisher to make 5L (CAT 138 8701). I'm missing part B (I'll pick it up at the shop tomorrow) but is this ok to use for the blix ?

Also, I would like to mix small batches of the developer and blix as follows:

For the developer, I would take one fifth of each bottle (there are 3) + the required water to make up 760ml.

For the blix, the same one fifth of each part, to make 1L.

Is splitting the concentrates like this ok ? It would make things easier for me, for storing them.

Many thanks