I have a late 60's early 70's moulded plastic 4x5 contact printer that came with 3 7W old style outdoor christmas lighting type lamps in it. The red one is on while the lid is open, and the two white ones come on when the lid is depressed.

I converted it to use fixed grade projection speed paper before the right deal on a 4x5 enlarger came my way to allow me to print my 4x5 negs. Iguess if I had a set of Ilford 6x6" mg filters I could print with MG papers too.

I took the two white bulbs and wired them in series in lieu of the OEM parallel connection to drop their light and heat output, and then used sheets of .3 Neutral Density lighting gel (find a theatrical supplier, or B&H- they are the low 90 series in Rosco's line) under the glass to further trim the output to get 8-25 second printing times.