Look for an old 80's vintage Koadk colour darkroom dataguide. They had a pretty good ring around poster to guide you for printing colour casts and exposure. Some included a page with 6 strips of 10cc colour filtration. There is also a great dial calculator to calculate new time for changing the head height after getting your eposure right at a different height.

Find a daylight balanced source to evaluate prints under. There are 5000K compact flourescents out now suited to the task.

I also have had good sucess with a thing called the ektacolour filter finder, or something like that. When exposing the film, on one frame you include a picture of a grey card (one is included with the guide) that should fill half the frame (in 35mm). then you print the frame to fill the easel with the grey with a special transparency from the guide in contact with the paper in the easel. Once dry you evaluate which frame is closest to neutral grey in density and colur balance, and apply the filter corrections that the squares you have evaluated on tell you.

Hit the thrift store and buy an old hair dryer for the darkroom; the wet prints are quite blue, and a waste to try to evaluate iuntil they are dry.