The X-700 is a great camera, I have two of them and one I bought new in 1986 I think it was. I still use it. Your files though are too big for a dial up connection. If you want to see pics by any camera, go to Flicker and enter in something like 'taken with a Minolta X-700' and you will see pics from other 700 photographers. My camera has been in the shop once in those nearly 25 years. I have started using medium format though as the eyes are having trouble seeing through that little viewfinder on a 35mm camera. Also, my Mamiya RB67 doesn't require anything electronic so I feel they will work for many years. Since the X-700 is no longer made, parts will be hard to find in the coming years. Great camera though and mine have paid for themselves in doing some weddings and just the satisfaction of the pictures I have. I have one blown up to a 24X30 and it is super sharp. Ric.

P.S. I'm 58 and have to realize that if the cameras last me 20 years, that is probably all I will ever need.