Well, I suppose a quick update is in order:

I heard back from both Peter at Kodak and from Dwayne's, and there appears to be conflicting responses. Summarized, Peter explained that he understood that Dwayne's would still honour these until the end of the year (let's assume he meant end of November 2010, I guess), but was not completely sure. Separately, Dwayne's customer service responded: "the process paid is no longer honored" with nothing further on when it was ended or whether the PK mailers and the red-magazine rolls were being honoured as one in the same up until the same termination date.

So, if anyone here since January 1st of this year — from Europe, ideally, or if anyone sent to that lab in Maryland for them to forward to Kansas — has had paid processing included with film they sent in, then I think it'd be great to hear about it. Otherwise, it appears that this impacts everyone across the globe.