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well im yet to get a really good shot thats sharp and clear but i cant work out why im not really getting that as my lens is fine camera is spotless
A simple test:
Find a landscape you like.
Take the filter off.
Set the lens to infinity.
Make sure the sun isn't shining into the lens.
Close the diaphragm to f/8.0
Take a light reading off the ground/mid-distance (don't meter sky).
Put the camera on a tripod/fence (if possible)
Shoot several shots, bracketing the exposure (= also using faster & slower shutter speeds than indicated by your meter).

If your shots are then less than vivid & sharp, there's something badly wrong somewhere (the bracketed shots might help track down an exposure or shutter problem).

A new lens is *not* the solution, unless yours is defective or you want a different focal length.