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ok lenses vivitar sms 80-200 mm 1:4.5 mc macro focusing zoom no.77210559 55mm

minolta md 50 mm 1:2

plus metering with the x700 could some one tell me as the book is a bit cryptic push the timer button down and half depress shutter is this right

Well the number 77 on Vivitar means it was made by Kobori (vivitar sub-contracted work out), which means it can be excellent or just OK...in buying Vivitar lenses the first numbers to go for are:- 22, 28 and 37 as you have a better chance of getting a very good lens. From memory and what I have read, your Minolta lens is not the best 50mm but you should still get very good shots from it.

On the X-700 why not let the camera do the work, set it on "A" and set the lens to e.g. f5.6 for daylight for 200asa film... and you can concentrate on taking shots and you can always go to manual any time.