It is unusual but I feel that man needs a public celebration!
He is the person I first contacted a year ago for my Hasselblad
Forum subscription. I also asked him for the availabillity of posters
and leaflets. He was quick to reply, sent a free issue of Forum
and a whole bunch of posters and leaflets along.
This could be standard practice at the Swedish company but
read this:
I sent him an email regarding the renewal of my subscription and back issues.
He informed me that he is leaving Hasselblad and is sending me
three years of Forum magazines free of charge!

Now, I really don't know if it is the official policy of the company
to be this nice but I feel like giving him some Cheers to
Barbro Chiarello for it!

His presence at Hasselblad will certainly be missed by one customer
and I hope his departure is not a bad sign for the "new" digital company.

Hip hip Hurray Barbro!