Now now people lets not get testy. Ok, Ed what I meant was that probably some of the pictures shown would come from internet. So lifting it to post here would be a copyright violation. If you saw the pic in the net, then just post the link for those who wish to see those kind of things.

Michael and RAP, although the tone is a little bit harsh, Ben is certainly within his rights to request the responses to be deleted, that does not mean that they will be removed.

Ben, how about you lighten up a little uh? Respond to the answers you like and ignore the rest, you will find this makes the forums more enjoyable. If Sean and I were to go strictly by the book and remove the off topic posts and their responses half the content would be gone. For example this thread would be removed as it does not deal with any specific photographer and this is the "photographers" forum.

So c`mon guys lets stop the griping and get back to enjoying the forums.