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Perhaps giving them more credit than they deserve but... they just came out with a digital back whose main marketing message is it can be used on their (continued) line of V cameras... Why bother if two weeks later you discontinue that range?
The V-specific back is a "small" 16mp version and not the "large" 22mp. It also features a slightly smaller sensor just to be square.
It is made for these purposes:
- Satisfy the need for a digital square format to keep the tradition.
- Satisfy the need of anxious professionals that need digital with their
current V system. After all, the V system has been Hasselblad until
the recent H1. The vast majority of Hasselblad owners have a V camera.
- A step towards the H1D or newer digital models. One gets the "small" back to cover the present projects and "upgrades" later to a bigger one, that is to the H digital system.

It is the same philosophy behind the Zeiss lens adapter for the H1.

I don't believe it is the old backwards-compatibillity philosophy of the "old" Hasselblad. I don't believe they will continue to really support the V system. It's just a hanch but I don't see any other V-specific digital backs apart from this one, let alone lenses and accessories.