i'm the happy owner of minolta autocord, it's really great, i love it for it's sharpness, bokeh, it's ergonomics, it's everything (except for, maybe, it's fragility, or, rather, delicacy). here's some photos done with minolta http://www.flickr.com/photos/icono/s...7622630702399/

Although i like experimenting and "finding". and i'd also like to try legendary rolleiflex. i'm thinking about 3,5E or F.
but as it's quite costly and quite rare, i want to understand the real advantages i could get using it.
For example i know it's reliable in terms of.. "hardware")) but what concerns optics - are there noticable differences, and, mainly, advantages?

maybe there are some forum members who have both autocord and one of these rolleiflexes and could just give me some comparison and opinion?